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July 11, 2013
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Oh my goodness! My sorry arse actually made it in?! THANK YOU SO MUCH ALL YOU BEAUTIFUL AND LOVELY MODS!
ANYONE AND EVERYONE! Feel free to let me know if you want to play with my little Kelpie girl! Any RP request is welcome! Expect to see much, much more of this skitty little girl in the very near future. ENJOY! <3

Sorry for spamming watchers with the same app sheet twice, but I was unable to simply edit the last one because the image file I was changing it to was different, so had to make a new submission. =w=;
Extra special thanks go to my dear ~VelkynKarma for putting up with my incompetence these last few days and making the spiffingly fancy flashy stuff on this. I will forever be massaging your shoulders in thanks, my darling sweetness! <3

[EDIT -24th Aug] Buddies Starr and Karma scared me with their amazing apps, so I decided to add a little more into Each's personality. I also added in a little about the man who helps maintain Each, as I realised before that there is no mention of anyone making sure she's restrained fully before her shows (a beast can't restrain itself after all = w =; ) So I included a mention of Albert, a character I aim to work in promoting to Secondary should I get in to the group and start building points for! Italicised text is his own history, and shouldn't really be counted as Each's history. ^ 3 ^


N A M E: Each
A G E: 18
B I R T H D A Y: Unknown
S P E C I E S: Kelpie;
The kelpie is a supernatural water horse from Celtic folklore that is believed to haunt the rivers and lochs of Scotland and Ireland. In mythology, the kelpie is described as a strong and powerful horse. Its hide was supposedly black (though in some stories it was white), and appeared as a lost pony, but could be identified by its constantly dripping mane. Its skin was said to be like that of a seal, smooth but as cold as death when touched. Kelpies were said to transform into beautiful women to lure men into their traps. The water horse is a common form of the kelpie, said to lure humans, especially children, into the water to drown and eat them.

F A C T I O N: Diamond
J O B: Freak

P E R S O N A L I T Y:
Land Form: Withdrawn | Nervous | Quietly Curious
Kelpie form: Vicious | Difficult to control

In her usual land form, Each is a very quiet and reserved character. A difficult past of being forced to do what is told of her by humans leaves her struggling to trust many and it takes even longer for her to gain friends. That being said, if one proves they can be patent and loyal she will return the gesture, or be it in her own timid way.

It is not uncommon to find her spending the majority of her daylight waking hours sat within her glass encased cage, quietly watching the world pass by, learning the language and way of the people around her. This goes hand-in-hand with how she would approach another and as you might have already guessed, Each is almost never the one to make the first move. Her cage is not just associated with the beast and how to entrap it, but Each also sees it as a sort of social safety net. She knows no harm can come of her if she remains in there, few people even bother her when she's sat watching behind the metal rods and glass. Those that do choose to approach will come across a more relaxed Each as stated somewhat before, the glass wall between her and the outside world is more like a comfort blanket and eases her nerves when interacting with others.

Outside the cage is a whole other story. Here Each is exposed and vulnerable and not just on a personal scale, but others can be at risk also. Outside her cage people can touch her, bump into her even come up close when they communicate with her. If aware of others around and approaching, Each will tend to back into a floor-set object until there is no more space to back into. She will come across as a scared wild animal, frozen in a crouched position, bundled up small until the threat is gone or verbal trust has been made. Offering an open palm, obvious patience, or even treats are a good way to ease her nerves, but Each will still air on caution with a stranger until trust is fully solidified.

On rare occasions, Each might physically bump into another if suitably distracted by whatever is around her. Small creatures and especially flying insects pique her interest and the girl can find herself following the critter until an obstruction is found and suitably, but accidentally, bumped into or headbutted. Should this obstruction be another then the skittish and nervous being will come forth, though given she was able to come so close to even touch this other, she might be a little easier to convince over safety and trust.

Due to her somewhat minimal knowledge in English, or any other language other than her native Kelpie tongue, Each finds it difficult to communicate her wants or feelings to others. Basic words are known and just enough to get her by, but any one new person interacting with her might need it repeated a few times. That being said, Each is a fast learner, and is grasping more and more of the English language in particular very quickly. She responds even better if incentives like treats are used too.

Each is by no stretch of the imagination dumb. She may be illiterate and unable to string together a coherent sentence, but she knows who her new masters are. She respects those who have taken her in, and although is subjected daily to transform into the one thing she hates about herself, Each holds great respect to the circus owner and the Faction master who both look over her and have taken her into their family and home, treating her more as an equal and not the hideous freak the old man did before, mocking her very existence. Other faction masters have a similar deal of respect in her eyes as they too look after others with similar pasts to her own. It is just members of staff and performers on her level Each has issues with. Living within Diamond Faction and witnessing daily the bizarre and dangerous beings within does not exactly ease her mind on the trust levels she should give to her equals. You would be a little unnerved too if the majority of people living around you were maneaters and creatures generated by the darkest of nightmares, even if she herself falls under the same man eating category as they.

Her kelpie form, although considered by many to be her 'true form', is somewhat feared by Each. Shown to be a dangerous beast, it is a complete contrast to the form many converse with. Contact with water --usually submerging her legs is enough-- forces her to transform back to her kelpie body. It is a ravenous beast that wouldn't think twice in drowning any nearby being, friend or not. Due to this, Each tries her best to stay away from water unless proper restraints are in place for others safety.

This is but another reason why Each struggles to find reason to leave her cage. Water is just about everywhere be it on the ground in puddles, in a glass in hand, falling from the sky as rain, or even in as minimal quantities as steam or condensation. Should Each come in contact with even a little water, her Kelpie instincts come forth and the timid personality of her land-self is overridden by that of the beast. Each becomes snappy, aggressive and just generally her temperament is not nice to be around. She still retains her deep set skittish nature when on a grumpy rampage --think more like an angry cat cornered and lashing out at a threat-- but in this state of mind, she is more than willing to fight another off should they come too close.

H I S T O R Y:
Discovered unconscious and alone on the bank of a Scottish loch at about the age of ten, Each was taken into care by an old fisher wife, fascinated with the sight of a young child possessing the rear end of a horse.

Not much is known of her life before this moment, in fact, not even Each can recall a life before, but many locals know the tales of her kind. Kelpies are hideous horse-like beasts, luring victims to the water with their beautiful and gentle land forms, enticing you to the depths of their aquatic home to drown. Each's true form is just this. Contact with water causes her mostly human form to change, twisting to a grotesque image of a dark grey water horse, tangling all prey in her long mane and tail.

It is unfortunate to say that this first individual to take her in and nurse her to perfect health was victim to this young predator. The aged woman tended to wounds incurred by a storm the night prior --possibly the reason why the young beast was thrown from the water in the first place-- little did she know that the soothing bath created for the young child would mean her untimely demise. The husband came to inspect a commotion, frozen in place to in fact see his wife dying, mauled by the merciless jaws of a kelpie beast. He managed to find a net close by and trapped the crazed foal, swiftly hauling her out of the water for his own safety and hoisting her to dangle from the ceiling support beams.

She whined from her tiny prison, drying body returning to the innocent humanoid form. The wide eyes of a young frightened child stared out to the grieving fisherman pleading for release. She didn't mean to do what she did to the kind woman. Instinct took hold and consumed the timid being her land-self was, it wasn't her fault. Had she known how to speak in the human tongue then she might have been able to convince her way out, prove to the man in words that she was kind and decent, but with nothing more than whinnies and whines coming from her mouth, any attempt was lost. Days passed like this, the man starving her of both food and life water until a suitable solution was found.

Solitude was broken after a while, the old man opening the door to reveal his ultimatum. A large glass tank stood just beyond the doorway, a thick metal cage within to ensure anything that would just so happen to be inside stayed inside. Rather than destroy the beast hung from his bathroom ceiling, the man would make use of the attraction she could provide, seeing a lifetime of ridicule a worse destiny than being simply killed through revenge. He would lock Each in, gradually filling the tank from a valve off to the side in turn forcing her to assume kelpie form for the entertainment and money of others, a traveling freak if you will.

And so was her life for the next eight years. The fisherman gave up his work within the nearby harbour for favour of traveling with his sideshow, showing the ferocious kelpie beast in various carnivals and other circuses about the United Kingdom.

Word broke out in Europe, travellers telling their family back home of a beast the likes of no man had never seen. The man was invited to show in these places, promised great wealth from the dozens of customers that attend. Trainers and circus masters requested the price of the old man's beast, advising he hand over the kelpie before he became to withered and aged to keep her under control. He protested for many a year until finally he gave. Each was growing in power with every year passing and with him growing weaker, having his life as it was was only a ticking time bomb.

He waited until the kelpie form had tired itself out before draining the water one final time, allowing a sleeping Each to assume her land form and wheeled her over to the main tent of the nearest circus, Cirque des Reves itself. He attached a note to the exterior of her tank, advising that it be secured and filled with water when the sun sets, promising a treat to the circus owner if he did as recommended.

Each has not lived in the cirque long now, and so has gained few acquaintances and even fewer friends. She is very much a recluse, confined to her cage for as longer time as possible. There is one, however, she has grown increasingly attached to in recent weeks, and shows great promise in helping her through shyness and trust issues.

He is an older man, no older than fifty years of age and built heavier than brick shithouse. He was a muscleman in his prime, you see, one that displayed near superhuman strength without the use of magic or other such attribute boosting powers. ‘The world’s strongest man’ they used to call him and he lived up to that title until just a decade ago. Hitting his forties, meant his physical strength was at its peak, his body aging as it should be and unable to cope with the tremendous workouts endured. A younger, sleeker and more attractive rival entered the ring; a supernatural specimen at its peak of fitness swamped the aging man’s record and title with it. Traditional human weightlifting had lost its appeal to the paying customer, the extraordinary and ground breaking was much more profitable and crowd gathering now.

Broken, our weightlifter remained in the cirque, taking over the ice cream stand as his full time occupation. The main downside of spending your life training in one tight field means there are little options after it all falls though. When Each arrived, a small window opened up for the older man –now known as Albert as his stage name was dropped the moment his title was taken from him. Few knew how to control and contain the Kelpie beast properly once fully transformed, and although he was not as strong as he used to be, Albert still kept up to his training as much as his body was able, leaving clearly defined muscles adorning his body.

Around his usual shift on the ice cream stand, Albert now monitors the condition of Each’s cage and living quarters, checking constantly to see if they can still withstand the strength of the Kelpie, repairing wear and tear should he see it. He is also now the main port of call should an accident happen and Each transform outside cage and restraint, as he is able to hold her down until land form is reassumed. Morning and evening he checks up on Each, ensuring she is suitably fed, comfortable and mentally stimulated outside the Cirque’s opening hours.

Every Wednesday he spends the majority of the daylight within Each’s company, teaching her about customs and traditions of whatever land they travel to. He even tries to teach her useful words and phrases, though due to his minimal schooling as weight training was deemed more important in his youth, Albert is not as much help as a fully fluent English teacher would be, but they get by.

Each has also started to pick up on a few of Albert’s personality traits. The man, although fatherly and friendly to his deemed adoptive Kelpie daughter, does not address others in the cirque with the same patience and respect as he should. He is blunt and often rude in his humour, and unfortunately, when Each is fully warmed to another to the point where she is able to crack a smile in front of them, then glimmers of Albert's picked up personality can sometimes come forth, jeopardising any budding friendship.
Thankfully this last fact is a rare occurrence.

V O I C E:
Gemini - 0:27
I know Gemini is actually a man, but I feel this voice fits. It sounds the part anyway. Don't judge. Lol.

L I K E S:
Being free to roam | Fish (both eating as a treat and watching) | Having her tail petted | Brushing her hair | Autumn.

D I S L I K E S:
Her cage | Densely populated areas | Loud people | Evening (performing makes her nervous) | Anything very sugary | Winter

R E L A T I O N S H I P S:
(Will be updated when in group and friendships are made)

E X T R A I N F O R M A T I O N:
- Each will only assume Kelpie form when one third of her body is submerged in water. Any less than that and just the vicious side of this beastly form comes forth. She can be dangerous when in contact with water, but when still in land form she is somewhat easy to control. To return her to the normal, quiet being one must remove Each completely from any water source, no matter how minute. Once in direct contact from water is broken Each will be incredibly nervous/ irritable until she is a good ten feet from water.

- Eating, Each rarely consumes food in her land form. Most of her daily intake is given during her performing hours, where visitors to the circus are given the chance to see a Kelpie eat human flesh upfront. Typically a torso or pair of legs or arms are lowered into the tank for her to eat in public. She does however enjoy snacking on raw fish in her land form (avoids associating herself at best with the man eating urges of her true form), and is sometimes treated to small river fish buy other performers.

- Evening is when her Kelpie form is at its strongest. Transforming during the day is a little easier to handle/ tame.

- With her main contact with humans being only when in Kelpie form, Each's grasp of spoken word is minimal. Having learned what she currently knows through overhearing conversations outside her tank, Each understands basic English and just enough to get her points across if in need of anything.

- Each's true age is not known, though many assume by her appearance that she is approximately eighteen years of age. She also doesn't have or know of a birth date, so doesn't celebrate it. However, among the minimal English she knows, Each is aware of the one day she was handed over to the cirque. 1st of March is celebrated by her yearly, and you could consider that as a birthday.

- Just as folklore states, the skin on Each's tail and horse hide is soft like a seal. Overall her skin is cold to the touch, though she doesn't realise how cold she really is.

R P M E T H O D S:
Notes | Comments | Skype | Chat
I typically RP in a lit/ paragraph style through notes, but I can work just about anywhere and in any style if an alternative is preferred. Note me if you'd rather RP through Skype and I'll send my username.
I will try to visit the Chat once a week, and by the looks of my current work schedule, Wednesday evenings (UK evening which will be US afternoon/ evening at the earliest) is when I'll most likely roll into chat. o w o/

I M A G E B A N K:
Main app image if you have trouble viewing it.

Kelpie form image with background.

Kelpie form minus background and filters (and edge editing, apparently. -_-;; ).
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